How is VAT calculated?

The prices displayed do not include Value Added Tax (VAT). VAT will be calculated at the time of purchase after providing client details. The following rules apply for VAT:

  • Customers outside the EU are exempt from VAT (0% VAT).
  • Companies located within the EU (except Lithuania) and companies from the UK are also exempt from VAT (0% VAT).
  • Private customers within the EU will have VAT rates applied according to the table below:
Country VAT rate (%)
Austria (AT) 20
Belgium (BE) 21
Bulgaria (BG) 20
Croatia (HR) 25
Cyprus (CY) 19
Czech Republic (CZ) 21
Denmark (DK) 25
Estonia (EE) 20
Finland (FI) 24
France (FR) 20
Germany (DE) 19
Greece (GR) 24
Hungary (HU) 27
Ireland (IE) 23
Italy (IT) 22
Latvia (LV) 21
Lithuania (LT) 21
Luxembourg (LU) 17
Malta (MT) 18
Netherlands (NL) 21
Poland (PL) 23
Portugal (PT) 23
Romania (RO) 19
Slovakia (SK) 20
Slovenia (SI) 22
Spain (ES) 21
Sweden (SE) 25
United Kingdom (GB) 20
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