Cookie compliance integration for Wordpress and WooCommerce

There are two ways of installing Cookie-Script in WordPress (or WooCommerce): with a plugin or by modifying template file. Plugin is recommended since you will still be able to update your WordPress theme later.

Method 1: installing Cookie-Script via WordPress plugin.

To make your job with Cookie-Script snippet easier and more enjoyable we have created a WordPress plugin. All you need to do is install and follow instructions:

1 Download plugin from or find it in your Wordpress dashboard: click on Plugins > Add New. Then type your “” into the search box on the top right and then click Install Now


2 Go to the Plugins Search “Cookie-Script” and click Activate


3 Go to the Plugins again, and click Settings under “”


4 Finally, you have to copy-paste Item ID from your account. Do not forget to pick Script Type (HTTP,HTTPS or HTTPS + GEO Targeting)


Method 2: installing Cookie-Script for WordPress by ediging theme files.

Go to your account and copy your cookie-script code.

Log in to your WordPress Admin Dashboard.

Hover Appearance and click to the Theme Editor

Find and click on the header.php template file

Paste copied Cookie-Script snippet just before the </head> closing tag.

Click the Update File button.

Cookie-Script is installed on WordPress now and should be ready for use.