HTTPS (secure) connection

Some users are not aware of what a secure connection is and how it is related to Cookie Script, so we decided to explain this. 

In a few words, a secure connection enables a more secure way of user interaction with the website. That's why major websites like and use a secure connection. You can see it as a green lock in a browser address bar (looks differently in different browsers):


A secure connection is often used in webshops during checkout to protect customers' personal and credit card information. If you don't have a secure connection (green lock) on your website, then you can use a regular HTTP connection.

If your website has a page where a secure connection is used, all scripts and elements on that page must be attached using a secure connection as well. Otherwise, the green lock will become grey and users will see a warning:



Cookie Script supports a secure connection, which means all your secured pages will remain fully secured and will show a green lock without warnings (unless you have some other unsecured content).

Update: Cookie-Script cookie compliance solution automatically detects if the current website is HTTPS or not and includes a proper script. This feature is available in all plans.