Custom Functions

In some cases, you might need to be able to control cookie popup behavior programmatically or read the current state of the user consent. This is what Cookie-Script custom functions are designed for.

Get current user state

You can read the current user choice for cookie policy consent using this function of Cookie-Script instance: 


The function returns an object with 2 properties:

   categories:['strict', 'performance', 'targeting', 'functionality', 'unclassified']

action : can be either accept or reject.

accept means the user accepted to either one or many categories, list of accepted categories can be found in  category property.
reject means the user rejected all cookies. In this case  categories property still stores  strict cookie category since it cannot be rejected.

categories : array with selected categories: [strictperformancetargetingfunctionalityunclassified]

Get available categories

Some websites do not use all the cookie categories. You can see what cookie categories are currently available for the user to choose from using the following function:


The function returns an array of available category keys: 

categories = ['performance', 'targeting', 'functionality', 'unclassified']

Accept / Reject cookie policy

You can accept or reject the cookie policy with built-in functions. This might be handy if you want to place a link asking the user to accept cookies before some functionality will be available. 

Accept all cookies

All cookies can be accepted with the following function: 


This is the same as clicking Accept all button.

Reject all cookies

All cookies (except strictly necessary) can be rejected with this function: 


This is the same as clicking Reject all button. 

Accept some cookies

In case your popup has cookie categories, you can accept only some of them using this function: 


You should also pass a list of accepted categories as an array. Following categories are allowed:

var categories = ['performance', 'targeting', 'functionality', 'unclassified']

Show / Hide cookie banner

You can show or hide cookie popup with the following functions:

This is the same as closing a cookie popup with a close button or opening it by clicking on a cookie badge.

Cookie-Script events

Cookie-Script also provides a variety of events to listen to Cookie Consent popup actions. We have created a detailed explanation of how custom events work.

Code examples

A link that shows a popup

<a href="">show popup</a>

A link that asks the user to accept all cookies

<a href="javascript:CookieScript.instance.acceptAllAction()">Please accept all cookies to continue</a>

Accept some categories

<a href="javascript:CookieScript.instance.acceptAction(['performance', 'targeting'])">Accept</a>