Scan status: error

In some cases, you might see an error status next to a performed cookie scan. 

Error status will show up in a few cases. Below you will find a list of the reasons and possible solutions: 

1. No pages were found during the follow-up (not initial) cookie scan. Check how many pages were scanned in the "Pages" column. If no pages were found, follow this guide to troubleshoot. 

2. No cookies were found during the follow-up (not initial) cookie scan and no cookies were added to the cookie report manually. Check how many cookies were found in the "Cookies found" column. If 0 cookies were found, follow this guide to troubleshoot. 

3. Scanning takes longer than usual. If cookie scanning is not completed within 48 hours, an error status is automatically assigned to the scanning instance. In some cases automated scanning (like piled up scanning queue) might take longer than usual. This can be solved by waiting another day for scanning to complete. 

4. Other scanning errors. Sometimes (not very often) there might be an error in the scanner itself. In case non of the issues above match your case, please contact us for further investigation.

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