Enable cookie statistics

You can instruct your cookie banner to enable cookie statistics, and choose which statistics to use. Go to your CookieScript user account > Settings > Main settings. Here you will find ENABLE COOKIE STATISTICS.

You can choose either to Disable, use Google Analytics statistics or use CookieScript statistics. If you Disable cookie statistics, CookieScript will not track any usage statistics and no data will be sent to our servers.

If you select to use Google Analytics cookie statistics, the cookie banner statistics will be tracked in your Google Analytics Events.

If you select to use CookieScript cookie statistics, CookieScript Statistics tool will be used to track the user interactions with the banner.

Read more about the usage of the cookie statistics tool or how to solve common issues about cookie statistics at the help center.

Enabling cookie statistics will not affect cookie compliance results.

Note: You should use just one cookie statistics tool, provided either by Google Analytics or by CookieScript. If you select to use CookieScript cookie statistics, you should disable your Google Analytics statistics, otherwise your statistics data could be messed or inaccurate.

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