Can I use custom styles or functions for my cookie consent banner?

Yes, it is possible to customize your cookie consent banner in the way you wish.

First, you could add custom styles to the cookie consent banner. CookieScript has plenty of customization options available, like custom colors and different design options. You can disable or hide any part of the cookie consent banner. However, if it is not enough and you want more customization or a very special styling, like custom typography or border styles, you can do it. You could use a custom CSS styling option.

Second, you could also download the cookie consent banner script from CookieScript, write your own script and create custom functions for your cookie banner. For example, you can add an additional button in the cookie banner, show or hide the cookie banner popup window, etc.

More information about how to make custom functions of cookies could be found in the article.

You may also want to use CookieScript custom events to trigger code on your website.

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