I am a digital marketing agency and have several clients. What are the ways for billing my clients?

There are two ways a digital marketing agency could bill its clients:

1. Cookie banner sharing

You should either bill your clients yourself, after buying the service from us with multiple domains to cover all your clients. You will have control over the cookie banners, you can propose additional features for your clients, you can share the cookie banners with your clients, etc.

Please read here about how the cookie banner sharing function to create access to CookieScript account for other users.

2. CookieScript affiliate program

You could become an affiliate of CookieScript. In this case, the clients themselves take care of their consent management. Customers can control their accounts independently, you do not have access to customers' cookie banners.

Promote our service and earn a 30% commission on every customer that comes by your reference. We give commissions for affiliate payments for the initial payment (the first year) of the pricing plan. More info about the affiliate program could be found here.

Hint: if the client is not able to register a CookieScript account for his website (CookieScript says this website is not accepted), try entering it with https://.

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