Can I have multiple pricing plans in one account?

If you want to upgrade one CookieScript pricing plan to a higher tier, you can always do this by paying the difference, and you will have a plan with more functionality. Simply log in to your CookieScript account and purchase a new plan, the discount for your previously purchased plan will be applied automatically for the first year of subscription. The new plan expiration date will be the same as the existing plan expiration date.

If instead of upgrading the first pricing plan, you have already purchased a second pricing plan - create a new account, and contact our support, we will move the second plan to the new account. Optionally, we can refund your last purchase, so you could upgrade your plan to the next tier.

If you want to have multiple tiers in parallel, you should have separate accounts for each pricing plan. See CookieScript pricing plans here.

If you have multiple accounts, you can quickly copy all your settings, translations, cookie reports, and design from one account to another one. The guide for cookie banner sharing between multiple accounts is here.

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