Restrict banner to be shown on one domain only

Visual website page editors are a popular tool for website editing. They usually work by showing the live site and making an editing overlay on top of that. 

This might be a problem if your website has a consent popup, especially one that is shown as an overlay, covering the whole page. 

Usually, visual editors are hosted either on a different domain (in the case of popular website builders) or on a subdomain (like 

In this case, you can add an attribute to an inserted code snippet, this will restrict the banner to be shown on the live site only and not show the banner on the editor page. 

Attribute to be added:  data-cs-restrict-domain="true"

The whole code snippet would look like this:

<script type="text/javascript" charset="UTF-8" src="//" data-cs-restrict-domain="true"></script>

You can also use this attribute to restrict the banner display to the main domain only if this is required by your setup.

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