Display Cookie Banner with a custom link

You can make a custom link or button that opens Cookie Banner when clicked. Custom links or buttons can be placed anywhere on the page. 

Link with ID attribute

You have to assign ID attribute  csconsentlink to any element, clicking which will open the Cookie Banner to adjust consent settings. It can be any element: button, link, image, etc. Some examples: 
<a href="javascript:void(0)" id="csconsentlink">Cookie Settings</a>
<button id="csconsentlink">Cookie Settings</button>
<span id="csconsentlink">Cookie Settings</span>

Link with JavaScript code

You can also make a link that opens Cookie Banner to adjust settings with a JavaScript code: 

<a href="javascript:CookieScript.instance.show()">show popup</a>

For more custom links to control visitor's consent, see the custom functions article.

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