Google Analytics data messed up after installing CookieScript

Why does this happen? 

Google Analytics uses cookies to track visitor behavior on the website when a user browses from one page to another. Since CookieScript is designed to clear cookies before consent is given, installing the CookieScript consent banner can mess up the data in Google Analytics. Here are some common issues you can face: 

  • Most of the traffic is treated as a direct traffic
  • Significant increase in bounce rate
  • Some functions like e-commerce might show incorrect data

All of those issues happen because if the user doesn't accept Google Analytics cookies, he is considered as a new user on each page view. This results in the issues discussed above.

How can this be fixed?   

Option 1: Activate Google Consent mode

Google Analytics implements a special mode where no cookies are set. As a result, privacy regulations are not violated and most of the Google Analytics functions will work properly. Google Consent mode has some drawbacks since it's kind of a workaround, only aggregated information about visitors is collected. Check out our blog post about Google Consent mode for more information on how it works. We also have some instructions on how to implement Google Consent mode properly.

Options 2: Keep all Google Analytics cookies

CookieScript offers an option to just keep all Google Analytics cookies no matter if a user consents to cookie usage. Although this might look like a privacy regulation violation, some other Consent Management Platforms use this by default to avoid issues with Google Analytics data. 

To activate this option, go to your banner settings > Behavior tab > Cookie Control section > check the Keep Google Analytics cookies option.

When activated, CookieScript will request Google Analytics to anonymize user's IP address. This option should only be used if Google Consent mode still does not provide the necessary functionality in Google Analytics.

Google Analytics and cookies

It's important to remember that privacy regulations aim is to allow users to opt-out from being tracked. This is the main reason complying with the Privacy regulations can make problems when using tools like Google Analytics. Google Consent mode is the preferred way to keep using Google Analytics and still be fully compliant with the privacy regulations. Read more about Google Analytics and Privacy Regulations.